Ben Hogan "The Hawk" 
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As a charter member of Shady Oaks in 1958, Mr. Hogan could regularly be seen eating lunch at his same table in the 19th hole room overlooking the 18th green. Then he would take his 5 iron and go out to his favorite spot on a hill hidden away within the course and silently practice. Sometimes walking after the balls for exercise, often nodding or saying hello to those he passed along the way, Mr. Hogan was a quiet, yet familiar, presence. It wasn't unusual for Mr. Hogan to exit the 19th hole and meet golfers on the 18th green to talk about their golf game; he was especially fond of the young golfers; many times giving a lifetime memory golf lesson on the fringe of the 18th green. 

Portraits of Mr. Hogan & Mr. Leonard are prominently displayed in the clubhouse in the presidential hallway across from the club president’s portraits, honoring the business tycoon and the golf legend whose friendship and personal style has contributed so much to the history of Shady Oaks.

Mr. Hogan is a golf icon and Shady Oaks has the privilege of displaying his memorabilia at the club, from magazine articles to golf clubs to his very own lockers perfectly preserved just as he left them, decorate the hallways and golf shop.

Shady Oaks is proud to have had such a lasting friendship with Mr. Hogan.
"You won't find anything like this - course, clubhouse, everything - any place else in the world" said Mr. Hogan.
                                        Marvin Leonard